Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Near death experiences

I want to know if anyone has had any near death experiences.

I'll offer up my story:

I was eating one of those sherbet things with the stick of liquorice in it and one of my mates dared me to snort some of it.  I did, stupidly, and a lot of it got stuck in my throat and clogged causing my throat to be completely blocked.  I really did think I was going to die but then I didn't die and now I'm not dead...

Anyone got any actually good stories?


  1. I had a near death experience once when i was in 6th grade, felt bad man~~

  2. I remember walking across a street one night that's usually busy, but it was almost dead. As soon as I stepped off the curb, I felt a cold wind pass by me. Turns out it was a dick in a black car doing 70+ with his headlights off. I didn't see him because we happened to be under the one street light that was broken at the time.

  3. choking several times and I almost drowned in a pool when i was 5 :(